Latest Abaya Style and Designs in Pakistan 2018

We are going to present before you the new Pakistani Abaya style & designs 2018. These new styles will be helpful in deciding the right abaya style for you. Mostly women around the world like to wear long abaya desins for them so by keeping this need in mind, the designers have put forward various abaya designs to add a style to one’s look. In the past black abaya style was commonly popular but now a days, multiple colors like maroon, light pink, grey, camel color and green abaya are also famous. Women wear it like a scarf with mostly long Burkha style.

Beauty of a women is in covering her body. Our latest abaya styles for 2018 have different variations in design. The more sophisticated a woman is the more she will be conscious about the proper dressing style. In Pakistan abaya is adopted by a large number of women and in other Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran, it is a compulsory dress. Abaya is one of the most desirable dress for any women which gives her a pure and modest look. It makes them standout in people and bestows a decent, glorified and virtuous outlook that is not comparable with any other dressing style.

Pakistani Abaya Style and Design 2018

New Pakistani Abaya Designs for Women 2018

Here we will discuss simple as well as latest embroidered and fancy abaya designs of 2018. From plain to simple and cuts to laces designs for abaya are available in the market. Girls have a plenty of choice for different designs and colors. Abaya industry has become the part of our fashion industry and it is growing day by day. Numerous abaya fashion shows are being held every year in Pakistan as well as in Arab countries. They have now made it the most trendy dress of present age worn by ladies in our social circle. Abaya burka style, butterfly burka style and long abaya designs are the most famous until now.

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Let us show you our finest abaya designs collection 2018. Which purely reflects our culture and traditions. According to the needs of  girls. We have tried to put before you all the types simple, plain, fancy and embroidered as well. The modern texture can also be seen. Let us discuss our designs one by one.

  • Black abaya with stone work
  • Abaya coat style or open front
  • Butterfly abaya designs
  • Multi colored abayas

1. Black Abaya Design with Stone Work

Black abayas have been always been eminent. It is more religious and modest in its look. Moreover the ladies prefer to wear black due to its grace and elegance. Stone work is done on pakistani abayas designs also that make it more attractive and captivating. There is an extensive thread work of gold and silver on the dress. The embroidery work abaya designs can be more enhanced by doing beads and diamonds stone work on them.

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2. Coat Style Abaya Styles

Abaya coat styles are manufactured with silk, leather. jersey and wool. In winter season it is the first choice of girls. Its gorgeous and and doubt good-looking in its appearance. Black, brown, green, emerald green, white and cream color abaya coat styles are most famous. The designers are now focusing on making beautiful and attractive scarfs that will make coat style look appealing.

3. Butterfly Jersey Abaya Designs  2018

This abaya is made with a material that covers the whole body of women. It is not seen through. The most satisfying thing is the cloth does not need ironing. Its too light and gives a perfect fall. Beads and  pearls are also trending so the designers put beads and tussles on the both shoulder sides of abaya to decorate it.

4. Multi Colored Abayas

Here you can see the multi color abaya styles with different colors. Light grey, maroon, brown, sea green and tea pink color abaya styles have been in the trend. Abaya now a days is not only being used for covering the body but it the the most trending fashion of the present age. Furthermore, you have a look on these fancy lace abaya designs that have been posted in image gallery below.


After having seen the ultimate collection of our Pakistani abaya styles and designs 2018, you must have come to a conclusion, which abaya style to go with! You are open i n the selection. It depends upon upon for which purpose you want to buy it. Either to wear on a wedding ceremony as a bridal dress or simply as a party wear. Either to wear in formally or informally. Light skin color abayas are much decent in appearance.

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