New Chic Wedding Manicure Design ideas For Brides 2016-2017

beautiful wedding nail designs 2016-2017

Selecting  right wedding nail art design is as much important as your wedding dress, wedding hairstyle and eye makeup. Here are classic and elegant wedding manicure designs for brides 2016-2017 . Alluringly manicured fingernails are an amazing way to give a complete touch to your wedding look. Every bride spend months selecting the perfect wedding dress, trying different hairstyles and makeup but often neglect bridal nail design for the big day. Choosing perfect bridal nail art design depends on various factors such as your dress color. As a bride you have many options for nail designs, I hope these 2013 bridal nail art ideas will inspire you. Also see latest toe nail art ideas.

Nude nails

If you want to tone down your look go for nude nails because they are classy while still being fashionable. However select the right color according to your skin tone.

Wedding nail design ideas 2016-2017

Bridal nail with nail accessory

bridal nail design trends 2016-2017,

Wedding nails with glitter tips

latest  bridal  nail art designs  2-16-2017

Nude bridal nails with nail accessory

Acrylic nails

These nails are thick, hard and durable artificial nails. That you can apply on your natural nails, you can adjust these nails according to your choice and different designs can be easily drawn on these nails. You can also click this link to see nail art trends.

2013-2014 nail art trends

Nail designs at home 

New Chic 2016-2017 Wedding nail Designs For Brides

Wedding nails with stones and golden glitter

latest Wedding nail ideas Designs 2016-2017

Beautiful acrylic nails for brides

latest  bridal  nail art designs  2-16-2017

Chic bridal nails

French manicure

French nail art designs are the classic choice for brides, whether simple or embellished are guaranteed to be eye catching.

flower Wedding nail ideas 2016-2017

Bridal french manicure

french wedding nail designs 2016-2017

Wedding french manicure

  latest  bridal  nail art designs  2-16-2017

French nails for brides

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