Ugg boot and bags winter collection 2017

Ugg boots/bags winter collection 2017

Ugg boots are made up of sheepskin and with synthetic sole, are famous for warmth and comfort worldwide.Sheepskin  naturally insulative  have  properties that keep your boots and feet warm,the thick fleecy fibres on the inner part of the shoes keeps your feet at body temperature by circulating air. The original boot was  of in pull-on style made of naturally tan sheepskin, now known as classic design,  and many manufacturers produced in a variety of colours, including black, fuchsia, pink, chestnut, and blue. There is dispute between few manufacturers of ugg boots, as to whether “ugg” is a protected trademark, or a generic term, more than 70 registered trademarks include the term UGG in their designs and logos. By contrast, ugg is a registered trademark of the California-based Deckers corporation in over 140 countries worldwide including the U.S. and China.

 Origin of  ugg boots is disputed, Australia and  New Zealand claim they have invented “ugg” footwear style. The origins of the term “ugg” are disputed, with both Australia and New Zealand, when commercial manufacturing of this sheepskin boots style started is unclear, during 1920 these boots  were known in rural Australia. It is reported  that  Blue Mountains in 1933 manufactured Ugg Boots. Frank Mortel Sheepskin Factory has reported that he started manufacturing the boots in the 1950s, and named his company’s sheepskin boots.In 1958 his wife stated that the first pair he made were “ugly thats why they named this footwear as “ugg boots”. This brand of shoes emerged as a trend in United State in late 1990 and became famous worldwide in 2000s.
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Now this brand is manufacturing women boots, slippers, women handbags,cold winter accessories, casual shoes, men boots, men handbags  small leather goods like gloves, hats, scarves, apparel, men slippers, kids boots, and cold weather accessories. Ugg boot and bag collection 20122013 is made for those who want to standout, and inspired by those who made music. This collection is so designed that not only enhance personality but also add comfort and elegance as well. There is no target population, market or demographic for this collection like music is made for everyone in the world.