Natural foods that helps in weight lose and good for heart health

In this article I will discuss the health benefits of 10 foods that are very good and effective in terms of weight reduction and promote heart health and overall body health, because the natural foods that I will discuss here contain sufficient amount of dietary fiber and different vitamins that improve metabolism and body health.


weight lose foodsBroccoli is a beautiful green and crunchy vegetable that is used as a salad all over the world and is loaded with dietary fiber that make bond with oily substances and expel them from body that’s why broccoli as a salad plays an important role in weight lose an excellent for heart health   as well.The vegetable provide many minerals including potassium, magnesium, Vitamin C and Vitamin A that promote physical and mental health,due to the presence of fiber and above mentioned nutrients this greenish vegetable is perfect for weight control and overall health of body.


Onion is a very famous leafy vegetable that is not only used worldwide in different recipes but also used as a salad.Onions are excellent for heart health because they contain sulfur based compounds.The vegetable is also a good source of Vitamin C, chromium, manganese, Vitamin B6,and many healthy nutrients and also have low calories.Presence of vitamin C in onions makes it perfectly right for weight loss as this vegetable boost metabolism.


Cardamom is a green colored seed, spice or herb with most its tasty smells that boot the rate of metabolism and helps increase digestion. In Indian and Pakistani foods cardamom is used to enhance smell taste and its powder is used in various sweet dishes all over the world. For centuries herbalist considered green or small cardamom one of the most efficient digestive aids and is believed to accelerate the digestive processes more efficiently.According to the University of Maryland Medical Center  cardamom is a home remedy for treating  intestinal worms.However,  one must consult a doctor before using cardamom as a home remedy for intestinal worms. Cardamom as an herb is used to  treat, indigestion and cramps and because of its characteristic of boosting metabolism and regulating the digestive system it is useful for weight loss as well.


Garlic is an herb that used all around the globe to add taste to food.In Pakistani food it is the most important ingredient no food is complete without garlic.Garlic is widely used as a home remedy to control blood pressure and reduce cholesterol level as well. According to the many research studies garlic is an effective herb that one can use to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Herbalists suggest that if a person consume two medium cloves of garlic before breakfast it will increase not only metabolism but also good for heart health. Additionally, it  lowers LDL cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol) levels whereas HDL cholesterol (“good” cholesterol) is affected by the consumption of garlic but remember that excess of everything is bad, use two medium cloves a day.


Cinnamon basically  inner bark of several trees of genus cinnamomum that are naturally found in Sri Lanka but these tree are also grown in Southeast Asia.Cinnamon is commonly used as a spice in sweet and sour recipes such as apple pie, doughnuts,cinnamon bun to add some aroma,taste and flavour to the foods.Cinnamon is famous from centuries due to its various health benefits.According to the research that before breakfast just half a teaspoon of cinnamon every day can decrease bad cholesterol that is called LDL cholesterol and  cinnamon is beneficial in  regulating blood sugar, making it especially effective for people with diabetes.This spice is also improves digestive processes and making your body healthier.


Cabbage is a light green leafy and crunchy vegetable commonly used as salad and many dishes.Consumption of raw cabbage in the form of salad is very effective for lowering cholesterol in the body. Raw cabbage is a source of fiber,the fiber present in cabbage combines with oil particles and expel them from body thus reducing fats from the body. Due this reason cabbage soup is preferred for weight loss.For weight loss one must consume sufficient amount of fiber in the daily diet because fiber saves from indigestion and other diseases like cancer.


Apples delicious and tasty fruit that I like very much .Apples contain no fats or cholesterol and are  rich in dietary fiber, which helps, prevent the absorption bad cholesterol in the stomach lining, natural chemicals present in apple cover the stomach lining and save from cholesterol absorption. The fibers save the mucous membrane of the colon from colon cancer. Apple fruit contains good quantities of vitamin-C that saves us from various diseases and good for the metabolismConsumption of foods rich in vitamin C helps the body develop resistance against infections and  harmful diseases. That’s why there a saying “An a day keeps the doctor away”.


The mushrooms look like small and beautiful umbrellas with creamy taste are found in various varieties all over the world and are very good from health point of view. Shiitake and button mushrooms are mostly used in oriental cooking.Mushrooms contain  lots of minerals and different type of nutrients, that are unlike those in white and red meat, making them a perfect  food for vegetarians. Cooked mushrooms are a great source of proteins . They also contain  iron, vitamin B, and niacin;  and trace  amounts of potassium, copper, and zinc  selenium  and have sufficient amounts of fiber that helps in digestion.


Grapefruits belong to citrus family having taste like oranges but a bit bitter and sour.This fruit is rich in vitamin “C” and have very low calories. Research has shown that the grapefruit has weight loss benefits due to its ability to affect blood sugar  levels and subsequently reduce body fat. Adding grapefruit in your diet plan or drinking its juice, may help you get a slim body. The fruit is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin “C” and in lycopene and has been proven to be effective against cancers and in excellent for  heart health.


The red color of tomatoes is due to lycopene and it has been proved to be effective against heart disease, breast and lung cancers. The fruit is also rich in dietary fiber, Vitamin “A”, Vitamin “K”, Vitamin “C” and many other nutrients that promote overall body health.

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