How to Remove Common Stains from Clothes | Effective Stain Removal Tips

How to remove common stains from clothes stains are unavoidable in are homes, treating stains perfectly is very much important to save favorite dresses and other fabrics. In our everyday life we get different types of stains like grass stain while playing, tea or coffee stain, fruit stains, greasy stains etc. Consider the general rules given below to keep your cloths stain free and looking new all the time.

Effective stain removal tips

  • Try to immediately treat the stain, otherwise it will set and will be tough to remove.
  • Treat the stains before laundry.
  • Do not soak all type of stains in warm/cold water, because stains may be greasy or non greasy or combination and each stain demands different removal procedure.
  • Never rub hardly, as stains can make bond with fabric.
  • Blot gently.
  • I f you did not identify the stain accurately, wrong removing technique can lead stubborn stain.

How to remove blood stain:

Soak the fresh stain in cold water and then wash with detergent do not soak fresh stain in warm water otherwise it will set. For dried stain soak in luke warm water and launder, if the stain is still present repeat the process. If the stain is already set soak it in the warm water, make a paste of meat tenderizer with water and apply on the stain for 30-45 minute, then wash with detergent.

How to remove Grass stain:

If you have stain remover, pour some of it on the stain and brush delicately with toothbrush, leave it for 5 minute and launder with regular detergent. If you do not have stain remover make a paste of vinegar and baking soda and rub gently on the stain leave it for 5 minute, launder with regular detergent.

How to remove coffee/tea stain

Try to remove the stain immediately, regular detergent is enough to remove the stain but if stain persists then apply liquid bleach to it and wash it off. If you do not have liquid bleach you can also add vinegar on the tea or coffee stain and leave for five minute, and launder.

How to remove oil/grease stains

Apply baby powder to the stain, leave it for 30 minutes so that it can absorb all the oil then rub the  powder and wash with regular detergent.

How to remove ink stain

We got ink stains in offices or schools. Pretreat the ink stain with alcohol or cleaning fluid, apply alcohol/cleaning fluid on cotton, rub it to the area around the stain and then apply on the whole stain.

How to wash collar, cuff and soil stains

Prewash with the liquid stain remover/ make a paste of powder detergent and leave it for few minutes than wash as usal.