Best Easy & Lovely Christmas Nail designs | DIY Nail Art Tutorials

Christmas is coming and the best and lovely Christmas nail designs with DIY nail art tutorial will make your holidays more joyous. This post is all about those teen girls and ladies who are interested in doing their Xmas manicure at home to save time and money. Christmas, new year and holidays mean celebrations, parties, lunches, and dinners to visiting people that we have not seen all the year long and spending quality time with them.

Christmas/holiday is the best time for girls and women to modify their style by trying out bold manicure techniques to complement the party dresses. Your nails should be polished and coordinate your outfit for your Christmas dinner or lunch to match the traditional red and green colors.

Easy step by step Christmas nail Designs & tutorials

For applying all the newest and easy Christmas nail designs and tutorials step by step, girls are always up. Creative nail designs and trendy party hairstyles for Christmas Eve is all that a girl craves for a comprehensive appearance. There are different fun making ways to show off your personal style and creativity on this auspicious occasion. You may have a look at the styleglow collection below.

Not everyone can come out decisively to follow fashion, and to be full of style because it is an art that you can apply on your nails to make them look stunning and appealing. If you are a beginner or not confident enough to DIY, watch this step by step guide for nail art which is the easiest way to create stunning nail art designs to transform your looks.


The holiday season is not complete without achieving a festive look for your fingernails. If you want to adore a more charming look on holiday parties then go for red lipstick outline with these Christmas eye makeup ideas. Not only are your choices in clothes is essential to keep your look ready for a holiday, but your nails can become a lovely highlight of the season.

Here are super easy picture tutorials from Santa Claus to snowflakes, collected from around the web, we are sure everyone can easily DIY these by just following the easy steps. Have fun doing these artistic and full of Christmas styled designs and don’t forget the Christmas tree decorations.

Santa Claus nail art

Santa Claus nail art is an absolute way to decorate your nails for Christmas Eve. From Santa’s red-nosed caribou to his idealistic hat, from the bucked belt on his belly to his white sideburns, there’s just so much that can be done to polish your nails. With Santa Claus nail art, bring back the child in you and think about everything that you love about Santa.

Christmas Nail Art for Eve parties can be reviewed here. You can simply include all of it into your Santa Claus nails. Santa Claus makes Christmas more magical for kids and adults alike and having Santa nails will make you feel closer to the magic.

Snowflake nail tutorial

Every time I fantasize of a white Christmas I get snowflake nail design in my head. There’s nothing quite like waking up to freshly fallen snow before anyone’s had a chance to squash through it that makes the cold, dark nights of winter totally worth it.

The beautiful simplicity of the snowflake offered me the inspiration for this simple nail art that’s excellent for winter. Get Rid of Yellow Nails by staying at home and make them glow like evermore.

Candy nail tutorial

All you need is a little tape and a skinny paintbrush! for the Candy Nail Design to adore on this Christmas. Play around with various color patterns if you’d like to transform this candy cane manicure into more of a ribbon candy look.

Christmas tree nail tutorial

Nail art designs with a Christmas tree will surely look awesome and unique. This nail print is pretty impressive as with a little bit of creativity you can give a complete makeover to your pretty nails and add that mesmerizing touch this winter.

Styleglow Words

Remember to take some time out with the best and lovely Christmas nail designs with DIY nail art tutorial to treat yourself this festive season! What better way than to get the party season kick-started with these Christmassy delights. Enjoy the snow of winter from these images with the spirit of warmth, generosity celebrations of Christmas. Jingle, Jingle, all the way!