Pakistani Latest Party Hairstyles 2020 For Women

A perfect hairstyle is essential to attend any party, so here you can have a look at the latest party hairstyles 2020 for women in Pakistan. A good hairstyle can make you look stunning on any wedding, party, and occasion, while a bad hairstyle can ruin your overall look, therefore here you can grasp many party hairstyle pictures 2020 for long and short in Pakistan. 

Nowadays in Pakistan, many celebrities in TV dramas, films, and morning shows have been seen in buns, side buns, curls, wavy hairstyles, and braided hairstyles.

 Latest Hair Trends 2017/2017 for girls

Based on fashion weeks and celebrity hairstyles latest hairstyle trends in 2020 for women & girls is here to help you transform your looks. Hairstyle plays a significant role in enhancing your look, to achieve balanced and complete look importance of an elegant hairstyle cannot be denied. Being a woman you have the desire to look beautiful at every occasion.

So choose a hairstyle that is according to your face shape, the texture of hair, length of your hair (short, medium, long) and the event you are getting ready for, this will add value to your dressing. You can also get ideas about the latest party wear dresses, short frock designs and latest designer formal dress here.

  • Braids hairstyle
  • Twisted hairstyles
  • Natural looks
  • Deep side parts and middle parts
  • Updos
  • Buns
  • Curls and wavy hairstyles
  • Hair color, Ombre, and reverse ombre
  • Half up and half down
  • High and low ponytails

Latest  Party Hairstyle ideas 2020 For Women

Pakistani Party hairstyle ideas 2020 are elegant and super easy to do what you need is a little practice. The new year present many innovative and easy hairstyles, following party hairstyle ideas are seen on the fashion runways, TV programs, etc.

Step by step hairstyle tutorials

Natural remedies for long and thick hair

Textured Bob

If you do not want to go for very short hair textured bob with medium length could be the good hairstyle. To add more vibe you can go for highlights as well. Celeb pictures with textured bob can help you to get new ideas.

hair trends 2017

khloe kardashian bob hair cut

Twisted Hairstyles

Twist with braid is all time favorite hairstyle for girls to get a perfect look. You can do a variety of hair twist just by having ideas from here.

twisted party hairstyle ideas 2017 for girls

twisted hairstyles 2017

twist hairstyle for weddings

Braid Hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are the trend that can never be out of fashion. It is seen that many celebrities and models are wearing this style, whether braids are simple or complicated look trendy at any event, wedding, prom, and for working women as well. You can go for different braided hairstyles such as messy side braids with loose strands, braided buns etc.

braid hairstyle ideas for girls 2017

Deep side parts and middle parts

Side and middle part hairstyle is evergreen and never go out of fashion. If you want to change your look instantly without a haircut just switch your hair part, go for deep side part or middle part to update your style because of this an easy and free way to change the face.

 latest party hairstyles 2017 for women in Pakistan


Be sleek and stylish with classic updos this year. Updos are the best hairstyle for formal events and prom nights and the summer season as well that make you glamorous and adorable. Updo hairstyles are most appropriate styles for weddings that make brides elegant and stylish. These hairstyles if nicely done can enhance the beauty of bridal dress or prom dress.

 updo and bun hairstyles 2017 for parties


Buns like updos are the perfect option for the wedding or special occasions. Buns embellished with beads, cute hair pins, natural flowers and other hair accessories enhance your overall look.

buns and updo hair ideas 2017 for parties

Curls and wavy hairstyles

Loose curls and wavy hairstyles are popular styles this year, curly and wavy styles are good for medium and long hairs. You can go with this hairstyle for every occasion. By curling and waving you can achieve a different and glamorous red carpet look.

curls and waves party hairstyles 2017

Hair color, Ombre, and reverse ombre

Ombre style of hair coloring is very popular this year, many celebrities are wearing ombre hair coloring. Ombre color is darker at roots and lighter at ends. Reverse ombre is also seen on the runways with a lighter color at roots and a darker color at the ends. In order to look glamorous and update your style go for ombre hair as this is the latest hair color trend, but be mindful when going for ombre always consider choosing a hair color that compliments your skin color and your wardrobe as well.

ombre and highlight hair trend 2017

Half up and a half down hairstyle

Half up and half down is a great option for wedding and prom or any other special occasion. Embellish this hairstyle with some nice pins and beads to achieve more sleek and stylish look.

half up hairstyle ideas 2017 for parties

High and low ponytails

Ponytail hairstyle is an evergreen style from casual to a formal event. If you want to look decent and adorable go for this hairstyle.

high and low ponytail hairstyle 2017