How to Get Smooth Lips | Best Home Remedy for Naturally Pink Lips

How to Get Smooth Lips | Best Home Remedy for Naturally Pink Lips

Cracked and dry lips are painful and unattractive, how to get smooth lips is a big question that many of us ask in our daily life. The key to making them look better is to exfoliate them. Just like skin,  lips need exfoliation to shed dead and dry skin cells. Exfoliation leaves your lips soft, smooth and naturally pink. Different cosmetic companies are producing lip exfoliators many of them contain harsh chemicals that are dangerous for skin. In this post I am going to share best home remedy for  naturally pink lips  that I often use to exfoliate my lips, it leaves my lips naturally pink and smooth. All the stuff needed for this natural lip exfoliator is easily available at home and due to natural ingredients is free from side effects.

Required Ingredients

  1. One tablespoon regular granulated sugar
  2. One tablespoon honey
  3. One teaspoon vaseline
  4. One teaspoon chap stick
  5. Few drops of lemon juice


Take a mixing bowl, add all the above mentioned ingredients and mix well. Apply this mixture on your lips with your finger for ten to twenty minutes  and scrub gently in circular motion. Wash off this mixture with water and apply any lip balm or chap stick to keep your lips flak free. This natural home made treatment is very good and inexpensive for keeping your lips look soft, smooth and attractive in all seasons, not only in winters. Let me know about your feedback about this natural lip exfoliator. You can also use this homemade exfoliator for your hands to remove dead and dry skin cells.

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