Pedicure at home to protect your feet from infection

Pedicure at home to protect your feet from infection
Today I am going to talk about feet and this is very very important area of our body that we must keep healthy, soft and smooth.So I am going to give you great tips and how you can achieve that.In any season of the year we can have problems with are feet being dried, cracked and rough and make them smooth again. When you have healthy and smooth feet you can save yourself from viruses that live on the floor carpets and public places like swimming pools that can enter your body through cracked heels.You can have pedicure any time at home, for beautiful and smooth feet you need a pumice stone that you can get easily at any beauty store, pumice stone comes in many forms blocks or in form of brush, a small tub and warm water.

How to pedicure at home

 For pedicure at home add warm water in tub and two table spoon of salt in it then soak your feet in a tub of warm water about 20 minutes, you will feel your feet nice, warm and soft.Now take out one of your feet out, most people have rough skin all around the heel area, sometimes on sides of the foot and sometimes on pad of the foot, rub pumice gently where you have rough skin and do this every day.But do not try to over rub in one application.Now again dip your foot in the water to clean it and take it out, a towel to dry it off, use a baby nail scissors to trim your toe nails to avoid injury and infection, always trim your nails after pedicure because nails become smooth.Use tee tree oil on your toe nails to prevent infection it works like an antibiotic and boos immunity.If it is day time and you are going outside after this then apply light moisturizer on your feet and if it is night then apply mustard or olive oil on your feet.Follow these tips to keep your feet healthy, do not wear nail polish extensively, try to wear socks when you go out to make your feet soft and smooth.

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