Zebra Print Nails Step by Step Tutorial 2020 | How to do Nail Art Guide

When it comes to Zebra print nails step by step tutorial you might be wondering how to do zebra nail art with excellence. Don’t panic out as our team is here for you with complete guidance about any type of zebra-style nail art. Cosmetic stores are full of the nail art equipment and nail stickers but all these nail products are expensive so do salon like zebra nail design 2020 at home with the help of easy step by step procedure.

Many ladies especially young girls like animal skin designs for nails. There are many sources of inspiration from pets to runway fashion couture for doing nail art. The choice is all yours but you really had to choose the right one to seek others attention.

Zebra Print Nail Art Designs

Zebra Print Nails Art Tutorial 2020 Complete Guide

When women gossip about the animal nail art styles especially in zebra style then they really need to know how to apply this design to their nail tips. Ladies don’t only do nail polish on their hands but also go for their feet for making feet look more nicer. For leopard and polka dot nail design at home, you just need to do have the perfect color scheme to apply.

Latest trends about zebra style patterns are always uprising and due to their unique styling patterns, they are always being searched the most on the web. Also, prom nail design idea is the most searched query on the internet.


There are many ways of attaining these styles and many of them can be easily adorned without going to a beauty parlor or saloon. People who like zebra nail art must be impressed by Halloween nail art ideas. Zebra print is beautified mostly in the shades of black and white but women also go for other shading patterns like pink, purple, orange, tea pink, silver, glittery, golden and many others.

All the girls are mad for most popular nail polish color trends and look for the best one. Young girls are really energetic souls and they are the main seekers of such styles. They are always in search of new blueprints and don’t waste their time and acquire new labels on their nails.

Black and White Zebra Nail Art

Black and white is the most common Style when it comes to stripped style for nails and ladies also prefer this coloring pattern the most because it looks decent and adequate.  Ladies do you want to get rid of yellow nails? Let’s see how this can be done.

Zebra style is considered as the most eye-catching pattern for nails. Coat your nails with black nail polish and for the zebra stripes, use glow-in-the-dark nail polish by this you can have a glowing design. There are many other styles gathered below with complete step by step detail.

Random Color Zebra Nail Design

For something fresh and more attractive our team’s advice to you is to go for random color patterns. Apply any different background color rather than applying a simple white or black shade. Then choose any random hue with multiple luxurious patterns. This may help you in obtaining a different appearance and creating your impression on other people minds.

Many ladies don’t think out of the box and apply simple nail polish designs but in their minds, they are not satisfied with the style they have adopted for the nail artistry. So choose something unprecedented and choose wisely.

StyleGlow Conclusion

Being aware of the Zebra print designs step by step with complete guidance illustrated above will surely help you to pic any styling pattern for any occasion within a fluctuation. Just remember the key to professional nail art is practice.

Keep practicing and you will be a professional. we hope the best from your side that you are satisfied and well aware about these styles now and do give us feedback because it worths it.