Different tips to apply mascara

Different tips to apply mascara

Applying mascara is really a good trick that you can learn by keeping in mind the following tips.Here in this post I am going to discuss very useful and authentic mascara application tips that will be very useful for you if you want to apply mascara like a professional,you just need to practice these tips, after a little effort you will be able to apply mascara professionally. I hope following tips will be helpful for you to give your eyes radiant and deep effect and making your eyelashes longer looking and extended.

 What is the best way to apply mascara?

The best way to apply mascara is always start from the roots and gently sweep to the tips and wiggle the wand through the lashes to get extended and voluminous lashes.For mascara application you may view these related posts given below.


How to give deep and radiant effect to eyes?

Eye lash curler is is a beneficial make up device that gives your eyes deep and radiant effect if you have straight and downward growing eyelashes.But keep in mind use eyelash curler before applying mascara otherwise it will flake off and may cause irritation in eyes.

How to remove waterproof mascara?

For removing waterproof mascara, use eye make up removing pads.Put pad on your eye for few minutes and wash you eyes but if you do not have make up removing pads, you do not need to worry you can remove mascara by washing your eyes softy with luke warm water.

Use different mascara colors.

Mascaras are available in different colors you can choose according to your eye shape, color and size.Prefer brown color at day time it makes your eyes fresh at daytime and black mascara at night to make your eyes radiant.You may also read this related article to get longer looking eyelashes with just applying mascara.