How to apply mascara for longer looking eyelashes

How to apply mascara for longer looking eyelashes

Eyes are the most prominent and noticeable part of your face, mascara is a excellent cosmetic for eye lashes that when applied properly gives wider and brighter look to eyes and makes eyes deeper, attractive and detailed by giving a complete look.By using the procedure given below you can get longer,thick,voliumous and saloon like eye lashes by applying mascara.Apply foundation and eye make up that you want to apply.

  •  Apply lengthening mascara top at the base of lashes and gently sweep up to the tips, mascara applied at the base will give illuminating and longer effect to your eyes.For choosing lengthening mascara for you, you can check my following post related to top mascara brands.
  • Use mascara comb to avoid clumps but vigilantly before it dry otherwise it will flake off.
  •  Apply topcoat to enhance your eye will give your eye magnifying,gorgeous and radiant effect,apply this top coat from root to tips and wiggle the wand through your lashes for dramatic longer looking lashes.

It is very difficult,to choose a mascara that gives your eye lashes lengthening and illuminating effect, here are some excellent cosmetic brands that are making very good mascaras that are waterproof and gives your lashes lengthening, non clumping and thickening effect you can choose from these that suits you.

Here are my favorite top excellent  mascara brands.

  •  Revlon colorstay overtime lengthening mascara
  •  Rimmel extra supper lash mascara
  •  Cover girl Lash blast fusion mascara
  •  Almay one coat lengthening mascara
  •  Double extended eye illuminator eyeliner and mascara
  •  Maybe line illegal fiber extensions mascara
  •  Lancome instant extension lengthening mascara
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