A Correct Way to Apply Eyeliner – Tricks to Put on Eyeliner

Eyeliner | How to Apply Eyeliner

Eyeliner along with eye makeup palys a significant role in making eyes more attractive and beautiful thats way I am going to share a correct way to apply eyeliner. Choosing eye makeup for your eyes depend on different factors for more detail see best eye makeup tutorials. How to apply eyeliner  is a frequently asked question by women/girls, So I decided to write post about tricks to put on eyeliner. There are gel, liquid, powder, cake eyeliners and kajal pencil available on cosmetic stores, by following six basic steps to apply eyeliner you can apply any type of eyeliner wehther it is liquid, gel, kohl or pencil. With the help of pictures that I added you can apply eye liner more easily, I hope!

Step: 1

Add any base or primer for keeping your eye makeup throughout the day, primer will keep your eyeliner from sliding even in hot summer. See summer makeup tips to look gorgeous in summer. The ideal time to apply eyeliner is after your eyeshadow and before mascara.

Eyeliner | How to Apply Eyeliner

Step: 2

From the middle of the eye start applying eyeliner with small strokes towards the outside corner of your eye. For professional look eyeliner must be as close to the eye lid as it can be.

Eyeliner | How to Apply Eyeliner

Step: 3

Now start applying liner from the inner corner of your eye towards the middle and unify the liner to give a smooth effect.

Eyeliner | How to Apply Eyeliner

Step: 4

Using an eyeliner pencil go along the waterline, until it is completely covered. This will make your eyes look bigger and wider.

Eyeliner | How to Apply Eyeliner

Step: 5

Apply a point near the tear duct to create impresion of cat eye.

Eyeliner | How to Apply Eyeliner


Apply mascara to upper and lower eye lashes.

Eyeliner | How to Apply Eyeliner


Step. 7


Eyeliner | How to Apply Eyeliner


For longer looking eye lashes follow the links below.

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