Best Eye Makeup Tutorials | Everyday And Bridal | Prom And Special Occasions

Best Eye Makeup Tutorials | Everyday And Bridal | Prom And Special Occasions

The eyes are the most attractive and prominent feature of the human face. The eyes reveal everything like anger, love, hate, sorrow and happiness. Beautiful and happy eyes increase your face value and make you stand out in every event or occasion. However, it is very easy for women to make their eyes more beautiful and attractive with the help of the eye makeup so, here I am going to share different eye make up tutorial for everyday, brides, prom and special occasions that are my favorite and are very easy to do with the help of picture tutorials. I hope you will also like it because these are very easy step by step tutorials and let me know your feedback about these eye makeup tutorials.

How to select right eye makeup?

Selecting the right eye make up depends on following factors that one must consider before applying eye makeup.

  • Eye shape
  • Skin tone
  • Event/occasion
  • Eye color
  • Decide eye make up style (natural eye makeup, soft and romantic eye makeup, professional eye makeup, party and evening, bridal eye makeup, prom eye makeup)¬†that you want to apply.

Required Things

For eye make up you need these things.

  • Eye shadows different colors
  • Eye brushes
  • Eye pencil (black)
  • Eye pencil (white)
  • Primer
  • Mascara
  • Eyelash curler
  • Eye liner

How to apply eye makeup?

  1. Apply eye shadow primer to entire eye lid. This will keep eye make up for long hours.
  2. Now apply white eye shadow on the brow bone to highlight it.
  3. Next, apply medium eye shade onto outer lid, sweep over the crease softly and blend well.
  4. Then, brush dark eye shade to your crease gently and blend well again.
  5. Line your waterline with black or white eye pencil.
  6. Use eyeliner on upper eyelid along the lash line.
  7. Lastly, curl eyelashes, and apply mascara to the upper and bottom lashes.

Best Eye Makeup Tutorials | Everyday And Bridal | Prom And Special Occasions

I am sharing my favourite best eye makeup tutorials that I am gathering for a long time and I thought I must share with you, these include everyday, natural, prom, bridal, red carpet, evening and party, special occasion and tutorials for blue, green, hazzel, black and brown eye colors.