The 14 Most Gorgeous Eye Makeup Colors to Make Blue Eyes Pop

 Eye Makeup | Best Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Eye makeup plays a significant role in making your eyes pop. One must choose eye makeup according to the color of eyes. In this post I am going to share the 14 most gorgeous eye makeup colors to make blue eyes pop. By choosing right eye shadow, right mascara and right eyeliner you can make your blue eyes naturally stand out. Consider the following points if you are blessed with blue eyes.

Best Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Select the right eyeshadow

Women/ girls with blue eyes can wear grey, bronze, gold, different tones of khaki, choclate, chamel, white, pink, turquise, icy pink, silver, brown, lavender and neutral shades to make your more attractive and prominent. Checkout this for eye makeup tutorials.

Eyeliner for blue eyes

Use chamel, blue, lavender, taupe, silver, gray, purple, brown, charcoal, black eyeliner to make your blue eye color more dramatic. Checkout this for how to apply eyeliner.

Mascara for blue eyes

If you really want make your natural blue pigment more prominent than go for blue and black mascara. Checkout this for how to apply mascara.

Tone down your lips

In order to give yourself an elegant look , tone down your lips with by using matte peach or mauve lipstick.

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